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Essentials Plan

Essentials Plan

Rs. 6,000

A plan designed around your parent’s basic support needs – from monitoring their health status on a regular basis, assisting them during any emergency, slots onlinemanaging everyday errands and tasks to ensuring an active lifestyle.

THE TRIAL PLAN: A plan designed for you to experience the Asthha way of offering your parents support for a period of a month before committing to a longer-term. Pay for the service at the end of the period, only if you think this will work for your parents and you. READ FAQs

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  • Digitized Health Records on the Asthha Health app
  • Safety and Security Audit of residing premises
  • Handling Medical Emergencies
  • Tools for Medication Compliance
  • Discounts and Prioirity Services @ Hospitals
  • Fixing Doctor Appointments including Home Visits
  • Arrange Physiotherapy @ Home
  • Find a Stay-at-Home Nurse including 24-Hour Bedside Care
  • Arrange for Dental and Vision Care
  • Discounted Laboratory and Diagnostic Services
  • Real-time Updates
  • Home Installation Care
  • Arrange Handyman Services
  • Training to use Internet and Mobile Devices
  • Help with Running Errands
  • Arranging Transportation
  • Arrange Beauty and Grooming Services
  • Assigned Care Buddy
  • Personality Profiling and Activity Design
  • Mid-Quarter Activity Summary
  • Participate in City Events
  • Celebrate Special Events
  • Lifestyle Changes – Small Steps, Big Results
  • Share your knowledge
  • Pursuit of Interests and Hobbies
  • Participation in Asthha Events
  • Organize Daytrips, Picnics

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