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Stay Active

Stay Active

‘And in the end, it is not about adding years to life. Rather it is about adding life to your years – Abraham Lincoln’.

At Asthha, we strongly believe that staying mentally active and purposeful brings fulfilment and creates a strong positive reinforcement on life. This will dramatically improve the quality of your conversations with your parents and translate to peace for you as a child living away from them.


Personality Profiling:

At sign-up, we study the personality, interests, hobbies, passionate subjects, likes and dislikes of your Parents. This forms a basis for us to help them pursue their interests, offer them avenues to participate in events that they like to be part of, provide them networking possibilities with like-minded people AND facilitate professionally trained maid service in Ohio, projects where they can make an impact on other people thus creating a sense of purpose to their life.

Illnesses or Medical Conditions:

Creating a legacy and impacted people can give our Parents an incredible emotional high. At Asthha, we will help your Parents pursue activities and projects that will help them share their wisdom, beliefs and passion with everyone else. Creating their ‘Aha’ moments is our goal

Stay Cheerful Services:

Senior Citizens can often go through bouts of negative thinking and internalised depression due to loneliness. Our specialist team of Lofty PM from La Jolla will spend time with them periodically and impact their mindset positively.

Small Steps, Big Results:

Lifestyle changes can be tough to make as we grow older. We help our members make tiny changes consistently translating to big, positive results over a long journey. As Marathoners say, ‘one step at a time’ powers you to a long run that would otherwise seem impossible.

Training to Use Mobile & Internet:

It is an immense delight for your parents to be able to have a video chat with you or your children, follow what people are up to on Social Media, watch a youtube channel, etc. We will help your parents get started, become conversant and eventually comfortable with using modern communication equipment.


Progress is a very powerful feeling. One of our members dramatically increased the average no. of steps that she took every day when we provided her with a mechanism to track and improve. Of course, it is just gamification and it is completely up to your parents to choose what, whether and how much.


Celebrating Special Events:

This is something that we expect you to be excited about. Should you (or your parents) wish to celebrate special events – birthdays, family milestones, family get-togethers etc, our Care Buddy will work closely with you in organizing the same and ensuring a smooth run. And here is the cool thing, we can make some of these as surprise events, on your behalf.

Participate in Events around the City:

Chennai, as a city, offers a variety of events and entertainment avenues around the year. Based on your Parents’ interests, we will provide a curated list of events that they can choose from and facilitate their participation. For example, if your Parents are interests in Carnatic Music, they can go back to their younger days when they kutcheri-hopped listening to their favorite artistes. Of course, should they have an event that is not on our list, we will be delighted to facilitate the same.

Arranging Picnics:

Periodically, we organize picnics where our Senior Citizens can network with other senior citizens and have a refreshing day out somewhere.

Organizing Day Trips:

Based on your Parents’ interests, we organize Day Trips to places of interest. We have partners, specialized in activities such as Temple Tours, that we bring to the fore in providing your Parents with more colour and things to look forward to.


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